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Preparing for my ZERONA treatments

So I am taking my supplements and keeping up with my normal weight loss regimen of weight watchers and working out. I am keeping it consistent. I am a little nervouse about having my measurements taken in a week before we start the ZERONA treatments but I know it is the best way to stay… Read More

My First ZERONA Appointment

OMG, I just had my first visit to learn about ZERONA and I have decided to get it done! What better way to help jump start my exercise and weight management regimen and help me get in those skinny jeans! Actually, I have been looking at body slimming, fat reduction, skin tightening, you name it, I… Read More

First Contact My ZERONA Story

I had my initial phone call today with Mary at Dr. Poulos office at http://www.drpoulos.com/site/medical-spa.htm  in Northborough MA. I am so excited. Mary has set up my appointment for Friday and I will meet with the Nurse and Mary and learn about my next steps to losing inches with ZERONA! Mary also told me about… Read More

Do Your Customers Tell You What They Think?

It seems a simple concept, if the customer is not happy, they will tell us. Not so much these days. It seems many people are so used to poor service they accept mediocre as the best they will get. And while they may tell their friends of their displeasure of their last interaction with you,… Read More

Make It Happen

Some make it happen, some watch it happen, and some say, “What happened?”        – Anonymous Which one are you today? Which one were you yesterday? Which one do you want to be tomorrow? The competition is not out there, it is inside your practice. It is within you and it is only you who can… Read More

Building A Great Team Helps a Business Grow

Building a great team creates an environment where a business will flourish: We have talked at length about obtaining referrals and  creating memorable events, but we have not yet discussed “finding the right team” and “building the ship” as my friend Michael, Co-owner of Glacial Multi Media, refers to when speaking about our business models…. Read More

How do we become memorable?

Another way to gain referrals is by being “memorable.” When working in the field of Laser Vision Correction, we found over and over again that, while patients experienced an incredible “wow” factor after reducing their need for glasses and contacts, their appreciation for their new found vision and the doctor who helped them achieve that… Read More

When do I ask for a referral?

Asking for a referral seems to be one of the most uncomfortable processes for so many people. Why is it so difficult to ask for some “word of mouth” marketing on behalf of your most “loyal customers?” Is it finding the right moment? Do people perceive it as pushy? If you do not ask for the business… Read More

Lead Tracking and CRM programs

Just like we tell our customers, Aesthetics 360 has to repeat to themselves when they are on the road, when determining when and where to spend your time, ask yourself this:  Will it help me grow my business? Will this help me be more efficient? What is the long term goal? Does the cost balance… Read More

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