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seoOur mission is to provide a comprehensive range of services vital to the support of Technology Leaders and Physician owned practices on their journey to success. We provide the systems and hands on guidance necessary for practices to effectively measure results and target key areas for revenue growth from initial contact with a potential client through long term patient retention. Aesthetics 360 is the solution for technology leaders and practices that are committed to making business better.

Aesthetics 360 Five Star Learning Circuit

The Five Star Learning Circuit is a series of courses designed to boost revenue by maximizing productivity, embracing world class service and improving the sales conversion process.  Each course will include practice evaluations, interactive workshops, and targeted staff training designed to create synergy and opportunity awareness amongst your team.As with any learning series, the principle goals are to reinforce core business strategies through the demonstration of fundamental techniques essential to the continued success of a business. These courses are intended to resonate within all departments of the practice. Once you have recognized the value of continued investment in staff education, it is then you will achieve your desired results.

COURSE 1: Social Media

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a new term coined by Rohit Bhargava and has since been taking on a life of its own. Many medical practices have been interested in how social networks or social media websites can help their practice gain notoriety.


Attendees will be better educated on the practice of Social Media Optimization.  They can determine how SMO combined with their current internet marketing strategies can enhance their practice marketing strategies and long term revenue growth.

COURSE 2: What’s a Single Phone Call Worth?

Imagine one mishandled phone call per day. It doesn’t seem like much, but place a value to each potential patient and multiply that by work days per year, and then imagine the revenue.  In this course we will cover the most common and overlooked areas of call handling.


Attendees will walk away with the necessary tools, scripts and workshop experience to positively impact your business.  Effectively measuring the cost per call and increasing  your return on investment will be the focus of the course.

COURSE 3: Consultation and Conversion: Maximizing Every Opportunity

Satisfying the needs of your patients requires active listening and effective communication skills.  Knowing your clients goals and limitations are key in identifying your opportunities with each individual.  Where does the conversion cycle end for your practice? Gaining these elemental skills and combining them with extraordinary service will lead to the trigger that creates patients for life.


Attendees will expand their view of the conversion process and return with workshop experience allowing for the opportunity of increased consultation efficiencies, conversion rates and follow up protocol templates.

COURSE 4: Concierge Service: Rate Your Practice

Who owns your customer journey? What does that journey involve? Where does it begin? When does it end?  Why do we need to change? How does this impact our business?


We will provide your team the practical tools needed to enhance the complete patient experience and journey they deserve.  Your team will learn to live this philosphy as easily as they breathe.  Attendees will return to your office with an improved understanding of how world class service translates directly to increased productivity and long term sales.

COURSE 5: Marketing from the Inside Out

A comprehensive marketing plan is active, adaptable and measurable. One size does not fit all.  It may have internal, external and PR components depending upon the size and goals of your business.  Recognizing the differences and formulating a game plan to fit your individual practice is the foundation to future success.


Attendees will be exposed to Internal and External marketing methods targeting word of mouth referral programs, Web components and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.  Templates and resources will be thoroughly covered.

COURSE 6: Search Engine and Website Presence

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most exciting aspects of new media marketing or simply internet marketing. In today’s work if you are not easily visible on search engines such as Google and Yahoo, you simply do not exist for many people. SEO is the gateway to opening your possibilities in the new world of Internet Marketing.


Attendees will be better educated on the practice of Search Engine Optimization and website presence.  They can determine how to use SEO to help their practice rank in a favorable position on such search engines as Google and Yahoo.  Ranking will help you increase your overall web traffic and qualified leads.

How does this benefit you?

As a vendor/manufacturer, your success relies on clinical results, branding and support of your customers.  The combination is the key to success. But there can be inconsistencies when supporting the customer. Providing a great product with great results will not ensure successful practice integration. Providing the proper systems in place at the practice level to create a world class experience and long term patient retention is essential. You can provide a value add to your customers by supporting them on the practice level with business development courses. These courses will give the practice the tools to successfully implement ideas, strategize and increase revenue. You will create loyalty with your customer as your partner in their path to success. Help your customer convert one more patient per day and do the math.

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