ZERONA treatment Day 1 at Classique Medical Spa

Well, I had my first Zerona treatment. So exciting, after I had all of my measurements taken and my weight recorded! I am so excited to see how this all turns out. I was reading a few testimonials and it seems the practice is having excellent results where I am going. It is at the office of Dr. Cynthia Poulos http://www.drpoulos.com/site/medical-spa.htm and the entire team is so customer service focused from the second you walk in to the second you leave. They even printed out all of my ZERONA appointments for me and called to confirm my first appointment. So organized. That is the one thing that is a small challenge. Organizing your schedule and committing to the schedule so you get optimal results. One thing this is doing is really motivating me to stick to my healthy eating and exercise regimen. I feel like I am really doing something good for myself. I also got to try Smooth Shapes which is another service the medical spa often packages with the ZERONA for optimal results all around. You have got to look into this! The best part-very relaxing. You do 20 minutes on each side and just close your eyes and lay there and relax! Stay tuned for Day 2.

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